PPG Slide Gate

PPG Slide Gates are used to meter (or cut off) the flow of free flowing powders or granulates in an accurate and repeatable percentage increments, permitting accurate volumetric blending of these products.
PPG Slide GateTheir rugged construction makes them ideally suited for heavy-duty applications in diverse industries, including grain processing, plastics, seed handling, etc. To ensure sanitary operation in food plants, and best protection of the valve, the blade is equipped with a double seal.

PPG Slide Gates are available with a pneumatic actuator system. The gates can be ordered in powder coated carbon steel (finish light gray color, RAL 7035), or in stainless steel.

The constant volumetric metering system for free-flowing products allows for:

  • the continuous volumetric blending
  • the volumetric addition of ingredients
  • the attainment of volumetric target quantities and throughputs

With maximum accuracy and distinctive product quality advantages within your production processes.


The PPG is attached either directly or by means of spouting to a bin or hopper.

The product is fed from the bin or hopper to the inlet (1). A pneumatically controlled slide gate (2) meters the stream of product at the slide opening selected, expressed as a percentage. The onboard electronics (3) monitors and controls the slide position with the aid of the (patented) control valve (4) through the pneumatic cylinder (5). The current slide position is registered by a linear position sensor (6), which transmits it to the onboard controller. The required slide position is specified directly at the unit, or by remote control through a process control system using an appropriate serial or analog (option) interface signal.