NSX Moisture Analyzer

CETEC’s new Moisture Analyzer is designed to monitor moisture of granulates and powders before, during and after a process.

Many processes use intensive treatments, including grinding, heating, cooling or a combination of these, all of which tend to dry a product. By the simple introduction of this system, monitoring moisture levels can be done live 24/7, with an accuracy within 0.1%.

NSX Moisture Analyzer - CETEC Cereal Technologies, Inc.

Moisture control is one of the most critical factors affecting the profitability and performance of a process. To provide customers with a product of consistent moisture, traditionally means a compromise: The moisture content of the raw material must be adjusted after considering not only the efficiency of the operation but also the moisture content of the finished product.

A conflict may arise here, as the moisture that gives the best process results does not necessarily provide the desired finished product moisture. Many processors know only too well the challenges of obtaining and maintaining optimum performance.

The Moisture Analyzer system when paired with a Hydromax allows the Hydromax to automatically add water at exact amounts to reach a desired moisture set point. This saves the processor and lab time when running samples, especially when trying to configure the process for fluctuating moisture levels. This also helps to ensure that a product moisture level is the same throughout production.

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