HMX Hydromax

CETEC’s new Hydromax flour hydrator is designed to add up to 1% moisture to finished flour. By the simple introduction of this system, mill yield may be increased by 0.4% and the feed rate to the mill increased by as much as 9.5% – without any loss of flour quality.

HMX HydromaxMoisture control is one of the most critical factors affecting the profitability and performance of a mill. To provide customers with flour of consistent moisture traditionally means a compromise to the milling process. The moisture content of the wheat blend must be adjusted after considering not only the efficiency of the milling operation but also the moisture content of the finished flour. A difficulty may arise here, as the moisture that gives the best milling results does not necessarily provide the desired flour moisture. Soft wheat millers know only too well the challenges of obtaining and maintaining optimum performance.

Have you ever sold flour at 13.2% moisture when your customer would accept 14%? Mill performance is greatly increased even with a minimal reduction in first break moisture. The balance between the coarse and fine break stocks is more consistent, the bran is easier to clean and the efficiency of the sifters and purifiers is greatly improved.

So, if we have a method of adjusting the final flour moisture at the tail end of the milling process, the first break moisture could be selected purely for reasons of maximizing milling efficiencies.