GL3V Roller Mill Conversion

The GL3V roller mill was manufactured in Padova, Italy, from 1991 until 2001, in various versions. The machine was sold in many countries, with great success, and many of these units still remain in operation today. It was the first production roller mill to have a “gull-wing” opening top offering easy access to rolls for fast roll changes. It was also the first roller mill to offer variable speed feed rolls.

GL3V Roller Mill ConversionThe roller mill was produced initially as a fully electronic machine, and later as an optional pneumatically controlled machine. Both versions survive today, with the electronic unit being the most popular and prevalent of these. Unfortunately, the electronics were custom designed and produced for the machines, and the various PC boards and components of the control system are no longer readily available. The pneumatic version was less reliable and hard to set up.

Mechanically these machines have proven to be extremely reliable workhorses, and are well appreciated by the millers that use them.

To keep these units in top operating form, CETEC has developed a conversion kit, to update the GL3V to 21st-century electronics and onboard components. These updates include a touch screen control interface, variable speed electric gear motors, a load cell based feed sensor, and a PLC panel to replace the old control system.

CETEC produces kits for all the different versions of the GL3V, including the pneumatic, electronic, and double-high machines.

Why the CETEC conversion kit?

The CETEC developed GL3V conversion kit is designed by millers, for millers. Its components are top quality, reliable and durable.  The kit is simple to install, coming largely pre-wired with rated dustproof quick connect plugs to facilitate installation.

The kit is installable on a roller mill in 4 – 6 hours, depending on experience. CETEC technicians can help in the first (or all) installations, and train mill maintenance staff to perform the kit installation on maintenance days.